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god I don’t see how anyone could not look up to demi or admire her, she is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is changing our world, she has changed so many lives, made so many young girls & boys into men and woman, she doesn’t care what size you are, race, sexuality, gender, where you come from, what you have gone through.. She’s a true example of a WOMAN. She’s not just another celebrity trying to do good for the public eye.. she REALLY cares about everyone, she really uses her voice for our generation. She is not afraid to speak what she feels, to stand up for someone, she is so powerful. She doesn’t do what makes her “cool” she does what needs to be done, for us to have a better world to live in. She has gone through so much in 21 years, more than anyone ever should, But she has made it through, and so can you. She didn’t just wait for someone to save her, or complain about her life.. She got up, she went to treatment, she fought for her live, she worked her ass off to be where she is today and she deserves it. and now? She’s on top of the world, killing the music industry, saving lives, fighting for anti-bullying, for LGBT, for every person who just needs one person to say ” it’s gonna be okay”. Thank you, Demi.

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